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06 January 2013:

Pedestrian Bridge

22 October 2012:

YF Masterplan

19 October 2012:

SJ Mixed Use Development

01 September 2012:

XZ Urban Planning Exhibition Centre

13 July 2012:

JG Commercial Complex

01 July 2012:

HN HR and SS Complex


Atelier of Urban Architecture (AUA) was founded in 2007 in London where it is currently headquartered. We are a forward thinking architecture and design practice that works in the diverse field of architecture, urbanism and design. AUA has worked internationally and have collaborated with top practices around the world.

Since AUA began working in China in 2010, we have strived to develop a good working relationship within the Chinese construction industry, with the aim of expanding our portfolio and the continued production of environmentally and socially responsible designs that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

The works of the practice are entirely process driven, and always the product of thorough site and brief analysis, with the aim of creating designs bespoke to the individual site and brief requirements.

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