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Project Data:

Place/Date: China / 2012-

Client: Eurasian Hotel

Site Area: 80052 SQM

Gross Floor Area: 600464 SQM

019 - Jingguang Station Mixed Use Development, China

The 900000SQM site is divided into 2 portions, separated by a planned road running East West. It is proposed for the resettlement residential blocks to be located on the Northern plot, while the remaining programs are located on the Southern plot.

The position and heights of all buildings in the masterplan have been carefully thought out in accordance to stringent sunlight requirements of the resettlement residences.

The commercial podium is designed as layers of interwoven arranged slabs that create pockets of green spaces and a series of cross connections, breaking down the otherwise large floor plates. It is expressed as a stack of slabs that are loosely laid to create a flexible and open shopping experience.

5 towers rise above the podium, consisting of offices, hotel, and elderly apartments. Each tower varies in height and differ also in their facade treatments. The 170m tower features a vertical cut through the middle, breaking down the visual volume of the tower. The office towers are cladded with vertical aluminium strips, while the elderly apartments are cladded with vertical timber strips. The shorter towers each feature square cut-outs at one corner of the block to provide external terraces for the users.

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