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Project Data:

Place/Date: China / 2012-

Client: Zhengzhou Airport District Hangcheng Real Estate

Site Area: 22,692 SQM

Gross Floor Area: 8,455 SQM

033 - XZ Airport District Urban Planning Exhibition Centre, China

The plot measures around 35 hectares, and constitutes the Northern portion of the ‘Future Square’.

It is proposed for the exhibition centre to be located in alignment with the proposed building cluster on the Southern plot. The relationships have been projected to form the plannig grid over the Northern plot, subsequently dividing up the vast area of landscaping. The exhibition centre is carefully integrated within the landscape, to bring visitors through the building and create a unified experience.

The various programs are organised on the folding floor slabs. The centre piece of the exhibition - the physical model, is positioned within the sunken space. The model can be viewed up close or from the bridge links above. The ground surface further folds to form the first floor slab, consisting of further exhibition spaces and the cafe and staff areas. The screening room is contained within a volume located on the Eastern end of the building.

The top floor, housing the meeting room and VIP lounge, cannot be accessed by the public and has a high level view of the displayed model from the viewing platform.

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