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Project Data:

Place/Date: China / 2012-

Client: Henan Human Resources & Social Security Office

Site Area: 149901 SQM

Gross Floor Area: 405876 SQM

030 - HN Human Resources & Social Security Complex, China

The design calls for the development of a 237210SQM plot of land as a combined Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Services District.

Phase 1 of the development is for a 83000SQM combined Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Services Centre, and 300,000SQM of residential accomodation.

The Combined Services Centre is an iconic building composed of 2 blocks housing the Talent Exchange & Job Centre, and the Social Security Services and Training Centres. This centralised arrangement allows for the better sharing of facilities between departments, as well as creating a one-stop building for visitors. The geometry and positioning of the building is the driving factor for the design and layout for the rest of the site.

The primary concept behind the design of the building is based around the need to separate the various users and visitors. The nature of the building function invites a large amount of visitors who come for different purposes. These complex flows have been carefully considered and the proposed building aims to separate these as best as possible to create an efficient experience for its building users. In separating the flows, a series of exciting spaces have been created to mark a unique and memorable experience for its various users.

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