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Project Data:

Place/Date: China / 2012-

Client: Henan Songji Real Estate Co. , Ltd

Site Area: 84727 SQM

Gross Floor Area: 221096 SQM

021 - SJ Group Technological Research, China

The design calls for the development of the plot of land immediately East of the public square South of the river within the ZZ ZY District Urban Plan, for the new headquarters of SJ Group.

The 2 design options investigated is based upon dividing the site into different zones to best accomodate the various programmes, in consideration of the overall urban plan.

Scheme 01 takes the concept of breaking down the different programmein boxes of varying sizes that are arranged in a seemingly random manner. The smaller boxes relate to the street scale while the towers relate to the urban scale and make a statement of presence.

Scheme 02 takes the concept of unity and fluidity of flows to create the iconic sculpted forms of the buildings. The offices are housed in medium hieght twin towers that are linked at the lower levels by a crystallised podium containing the associated commercial areas.

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