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Project Data:

Place/Date: China / 2013-

Client: Zhengzhou Jingkai District

Site Area: 9,700 SQM

Gross Floor Area: 14,612 SQM

049 - Zhengzhou Jingkai District Urban Planning Exhibition Centre, China

The project is for the design of an Urban Planning Exhibition Centre in Zhengzhou's Economical Development Area. The exhibition centre comprises of many different functions, including various forms of exhibition spaces, public services, offices, and retail commercial.

The design is in response to the existing site geometry in conjunction with the adjacent context and specific programme requirements and flows. The form of the building is reminiscent of the ancient Chinese musical instrument 'qing', and sits well within the striped landscape design, successfully blending in with the rest of the park.

Some key design elements include the clarity in zoning and circulation flows, maintaining a separation between the various different users while at the same time ensuring a certain degree of flexibility for visitors.

The main exhibition model is located central to the building, at the base of a triple height atrium. The triangular rooflight at the top of the central atrium, in combination with the gradient diagrid facade system, controls the amount of desirable daylight penetration into the various different spaces of the building. Another important design feature is in the 5th elevation, which comprises of 2 separate roof terraces each with vast views of the park and the lake.

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