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Project Data:

Place/Date: China / 2013-

Client: Zhengzhou Airport District

Site Area:

Gross Floor Area:

047A - Pedestrian Bridge, China

The project is located in Zhengzhou's Airport District, for the design of a pedestrian bridge connection across the SiGangLianDong Boulevard. A residential district and Foxconn's staff accomodation is located to the West of the boulevard, while Foxconn's industrial district is located to the East of the boulevard.

In response to the present and future locations of Foxconn's adjacent developments, the proposed location of crossing is approximately 100m South of the residential district's main entrance.

The primary objective behind the proposed design options is in providing a bridge connection that serves both pedestrians and bicycle users. Conventional bridge designs tend to detach the main bridge from its required steps and ramps, resulting in a group of objects rather than one unified bridge. The pedestrian bridge to be designed as a continuous ramp that unfolds to a raised level and bifurcates to form both a viewing platform and a stepped seating area.

Another feature of the design is in the provision of public green space on the bridge, hence exploiting the potentials of a bridge being more than merely a connection.

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