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Project Data:

Place/Date: China / 2012-

Client: Henan Wankelai Industries Co. ,Ltd

Site Area: 971564 SQM

Gross Floor Area: 1210923 SQM

022 - WKL Commercial District, China

The design calls for the masterplanning and landscape design of a 970000 SQM plot of land as a commercial district, comprising of 4 distinct zones of different commercial activities.

The design concept is based upon the creation of 2 green belts that penetrate through and connect the various zones, to provide for breakaway spaces for visitors. The green belts vary in width throughout and comprise of a combination of softscape, hardscape, and water ponds, arranged in response to the projected visitor flows and use of space.

Pre-defined and standardised commercial units are positioned in response to the urban grid and to the geometry of the green belts. The combination of parallel and non-parallel arrangements create a variety of in-between spaces that are utilised as pocket parks or car-parking.

The taller commercial tower is located on the North Eastern corner of the site, marking a destination for the green belt.

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